April 2021

The (not so) hidden costs of avoiding difficult conversations

There are many reasons why people avoid having difficult conversations in the workplace. After all, they're called 'difficult' for a reason. But the cost to individuals and organisations can be high. Want to know how high? Read on.

August 2020

How to go from stress to strength

With so much upheaval this year, people are understandably feeling overwhelmed, stressed and fearful.


The good news is there  are proven and practical things you can do today to retrain your brain and regain a sense of inner control in an unpredictable world.

July 2020

4 common resilience myths busted

Teachers can’t be expected to simply “bounce back” after one of the hardest years the profession has faced. Discover four unhelpful (and just plain untrue) myths about resilience, and how to genuinely build up your natural stores for the new school year.

June 2020

The education system's broken but there is another way

Teachers delivering lessons via Zoom, students fearing they're falling behind, and stressed out parents trying to work and home-school - if educators weren't already feeling frustrated, stuck and unheard, the global pandemic saw to that. Deep down we know there is a better way, and now research in neuroscience, positive psychology, and performance is showing what's possible.

January 2020

Every conversation is an opportunity for connection, inspiration, and growth

We will have all heard the term ‘coach’ before in many spheres.  From sporting coaches guiding athletes to achieve personal bests and winning medals, to CEOs who engage coaches to identify blindspots, provide challenge and perspective that we often can’t see from within.

February 2020

5 myths about coaching

Coaching is a must have (not just a good to have) leadership skill…or so say hundreds and thousands of leadership articles. In fact, it’s no longer just a skill – it’s a leadership style, and organisations whose leaders coach and are coached, improve results, increase staff engagement, and elevate performance.

April 2020

A brain-based model for understanding emotions in Covid-19

We are certainly living and leading through extraordinary times. Using neuroscience to help understand the true drivers of human emotion and behaviour can help leaders to manage themselves and better support others in both good times and bad. 

Don't Know Sarah Yet?


After a career in international educational leadership, specialising in leadership development, coaching, and psychology of performance, Sarah now helps leaders, teams, and organisations around the world build resilience, strengthen relationships, and have better conversations to ignite engagement and performance. 

In addition to her long-term experience in the leadership development field, Sarah's 'official' qualifications include:

  • Doctorate in Social Science (HRD)

  • MBA

  • BA (Hons) Applied Language Studies

  • Qualified teacher  

  • Certified in NLP (performance psychology) 

  • Certified in applied positive psychology

  • Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

  • Accredited coach, coach supervisor, and trainer

  • Accredited professional workplace mediator 

  • Certified in DISC personality assessments



Transforming your organisation starts with a conversation.


Book a consultation with Sarah to discover how you, your team, and your organisation can have powerful conversations that accelerate leadership, engagement, AND performance.

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